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Keeping the Morris tradition alive (men behaving badly with hankies, sticks, bells and baldrics)

Quotable Quotes

"Ah, something for your diaries - we're going somewhere - but I haven't got a date yet"

Badger - Philosopher-in-Residence

"Seeing you dance has been an unforgettable experience"
name withheld*

*he responded well to counselling but still has occasional flashbacks.

Yes, this year we celebrate our Golden Anniversary, and the man who started it is still dancing! To celebrate we have splashed out on new hankies and splendid golden socks! Some, perhaps most, of our wives and partners have unkindly suggested that they are yellow - but they are not, they are clearly golden!

The Anniversary will be marked by a Golden Day of Dance on Saturday 8th June when we will be joined by many friends touring the local area.

During the summer months we dance Cotswold Morris and the occasional dance from other traditions. You can find us in some unspoiled corner of the Chilterns near the borders of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, in close proximity to a pub. We also go on trips, so you may even be lucky enough to stumble upon us somewhere else in England... or even abroad! But usually in close proximity to a pub. We're also well known for cracking a tune or two in the bar afterwards...

Squire - >>Tony Smith
Bagman - >>John Farthing - the man to contact about bookings, diary dates and stuff. If you're polite, pleasant & patient, the Bagman may be able to help you.
Treasurer - >>Chris Pearce
Webmaster - >>Tony Smith

Videos on the Interweb Thingy

>>A Typical Thursday Night in July 2015

>>The Invisible Stick Dance

>>Bonnie Green Garters

>>Morris v Rave*
*This film, commissioned by the ICA as part of the Dance School event explores the comparisons between traditional British Morris dancing and contemporary Rave dancing. Stick with it - it includes the incomparable philosophy of our very own Badger near the beginning and again near the end!

What's Happening Next?
The next time to see us properly dancing out in all our splendour is at sunrise on May Day, which is on the 1st May apparently - 6.15am at the pond in Aldbury. But during the winter you will always find us in the Memorial Hall on a Thursday night continuing our quest for perfection!

Logically, this is likely to be Aldbury

For Google lovers, we now have an online Google Calendar with all known dates, times and locations. Just follow this link >> Google Calendar for Aldbury Morris Men

Our Village
Our home village, Aldbury, lies not far from Tring in the far North-West of Hertfordshire, very near the Bucks border (and quite close to Bedfordshire, too). The village stands at the foot of the Chiltern hills, with the magnificent woods of Ashridge climbing above. It remains very picturesque, centred around its pond and green, the latter indulgently equipped with whipping post and stocks. >>click here for a map.

Last Updated: not a lot changes, but the diary page with the list of what we're up to was updated in February 2019