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The Music of the Morris

The music for the Morris, a varied collection of types and styles of English folk dance, evolved and developed over hundreds of years before the collectors of the English Folk Revival wrote some of it down in the early years of the last century. Although they saved much of this music from vanishing amongst the preoccupations of the twentieth century, they treated it sometimes as a virtually sacred connection with England's ancient roots, causing its development amongst dancers and musicians to almost cease. Since the rediscovery of folk in the 1960s, a new approach became apparent, whereby the tradition of these tunes was respected, but not so far as to prevent their use being again adapted to the needs of the dancers.

The Music of Aldbury Morris

Aldbury Morris is lucky to have an unusually high number of good musicians in the side - so we dance to really good music! Better still, we have excellent singers in the side - so there is always a good session in the pub after we have danced out.

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What tunes do we dance to? Click on this link for >>Lester's Dance Manual which includes the music for most of our regular dances.

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